Cardboard furniture: versatile in any real estate context

Cardboard furniture

In the previous article, I talked to you about cardboard furniture and its specifications in terms of product and service, entering into the merits of a particular analysis on cardboard furniture by Cubiqz. 

In this new article, I will talk to you about one of the most important characteristics of these products, which is their adaptability and versatility, fitting into different contexts and styles of furniture, contributing optimally to real estate development.

In addition to the economic and practical advantage, there is the ability of Cubiqz cardboard furnishings to be able to respond to different needs, without sacrificing the quality and priority of a realistic aesthetic, always connected to the specific area in which the cardboard is inserted.

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As already described in the last article on cardboard furniture, the trade of Cubiqz products is active in several European countries, proving that, thanks to its elegant and essential aesthetics, cardboard furniture is universally suitable to satisfy different territories.

Its design has been strategically studied to respond to the general request for facilitation and support in the processes of real estate preparation for sales and rentals.

Now I will tell you about two categories in which these products demonstrate all their versatility: the first will refer to the type of property, while the second category will refer to the different styles of furniture and property finishes – in this specific case – of the Italian sector.

Types of buildings and versatility of cardboard

The types of structures for which the cardboard furniture was conceived are grouped into four main categories:

1. Buildings to be restored

Classification of houses on which work must be carried out, but which is to give potential buyers a concrete idea of ​​their potential value.

In the common imagination, the house to be renovated is often unattractive, because it is bare or poorly furnished. Cubiqz cardboard furniture – in this case, the sofa with its upholstery – improves the atmosphere and the overall appearance of the environment, making the home more inviting and making the customer observe its characteristics in their entirety, without dwell exclusively on the details to be restored, but also on the strengths that the property has to offer.

2. Renovated or new properties

All those new or recently renovated structures ready to be sold or rented are part of it.

In this type of more modern property, Cubiqz products contribute with their design to enhancement, making new spaces even fresher and more harmonious.

This apartment with warm and welcoming tones is excellently enhanced thanks to the inclusion of the Cubiqz kitchen and sofas which, in this elegant building, have the skilful task of defining the domestic spaces, giving the customer a real perception of the excellent livability of the house. You can see how the cardboard furniture has excellent performance both in life and in real estate photography.

3. Empty or semi-furnished properties

It represents the category of all those empty properties or pre-existing furniture, whose characteristics must be enhanced, setting up the spaces from scratch or inserting some missing but fundamental elements.

In this room – previously empty – the cardboard furniture lent itself to be among the protagonists of the installation.

The spaces of the kitchen area and the sleeping area have been marked by the compositions of Cubiqz products which, thanks to a great variety and versatility, allow infinite combinations and layouts, instantly improving the general mood of the house.

Regarding semi-furnished properties, here you can see how the integration of Cubiqz cartons is fundamental for the success of an excellent real estate presentation. Armchair and sofa, with their linen coverings, make the living area very hospitable, immediately returning a feeling of “home sweet home”.

4. Sample homes

They are those houses not yet in a state of finishing whose intrinsic qualities are to be shown.

This is a sample apartment that is part of a construction site. The cartons lend themselves perfectly to the overall enhancement, even in those coldest and most bare spaces such as construction sites.

The versatility, which accompanies all the other advantages of Cubiqz furniture, makes this product the best choice to take care of and facilitate all the processes that precede the real estate sale deed.

Different styles and furnishings in which to insert cardboard furniture

The morphologies of domestic environments have evolved over time, adapting hand in hand to changes in human activities and habits. The real estate style changes from country to country and in Italy we find – among the most widespread – two great kinds of home furnishings: classic and traditional style, modern and contemporary style.

Cardboard furniture, with their versatility and universal design, is the essential tool for simplifying the dynamics of designing and setting up environments, even for those buildings that are more complex to manage due to practicality and space.

Classic style and traditional style

In Italy, the classic one is in second place in the ranking of the most used styles. The Cubiqz Company, with its elegant design, allows the use of its cardboard furnishings also for classic or historical buildings, enhancing the more elaborate atmospheres of this type of interior.

The classic or historical house

The classic style translates into the use of precious materials such as marble, glass and solid wood, combined with furniture with never essential lines.

In the example I have just shown you, you can see how Cubiqz furniture fits into this context with a classic and historical flavor. The regular lines of the cardboard do not penalize the environment, but rather enhance the most refined shapes, perfectly matching the different materials and furnishings.

The cardboard sofas, with their OFF WHITE linen covering, make this large marble fireplace the protagonist of the room, with its very high luminous windows.

The cardboard furnishings, as well as the coffee table, integrate and connect genuinely with the pre-existing furniture; the choice of upholstery ensures that the texture of the sofas does not contrast, but rather brings back perfectly to the dominance of the classic style of different materials and textures.

The traditional house

Here is another property to analyze, with slightly different environments that show it’s not too recent structure and of a more traditional style.

We can immediately notice the different mood that this house offers us: a more “informal” atmosphere compared to the classic style, to which – here too – the cardboard furnishings contribute. Here, once again, versatility is the key advantage of Cubiqz products. The elements included in this intervention are many, from the sofa with its upholstery to the kitchen, up to the bed with its headboard.

The same Cubiqz furniture has been used in the classic style and in the traditional style, and this highlights the peculiarity of adapting and blending perfectly in any type of context, always improving the final result.

Modern style and contemporary style

The fields of application of cardboard furniture do not end here, even the modern and contemporary styles see a strong point in these versatile elements.

The modern house

Modern style provides functionality and elegant simplicity, and Cubiqz products fully meet this requirement.

A whole different atmosphere dominates this fresh and youthful environment, punctuated by “fun” details with the play of colours and materials.

Cubiqz kitchen and sofa join spontaneously with the rest of the furniture, thanks to their linear design with realistic print and thanks to the use of textured coverings, which make the living room the central hub of reception and welcome.

The contemporary home

The latest real estate style to analyze: the more contemporary one, characterized by steel and colour contrasts. The refrigerator with its printed surface completes the kitchen area and adapts perfectly to the style of the building. Once again, the kitchen modules are the protagonists of conviviality and enhance the excellent characteristics of the house, also signing the concept of open space that refers so much to the contemporary style.

I compared different types and styles of buildings in order to illustrate, in practice, how much the cardboard product can be multifaceted even in contexts where you had not imagined its possible location.

All the characteristics of the cardboard products place the accent on the total and proven convenience of use compared to traditional furniture, thanks to the offer of a more streamlined service, stripped of the many complications that instead involve the usual furniture.

Very often traditional furnishings constrain real estate processes at a slower pace, colliding with implications that are more difficult to resolve than the ease of using cardboard, and a factor to be considered especially in a sector such as real estate, where the word “timeliness” is always synonymous with advantage.