How to optimize the customer experience in real estate

optimize the customer experience in real estate

The real estate sector is jam-packed with agents competing to grab the largest number of customers, without considering that what really matters is the customer experience, and this is a fundamental function to ensure that a customer continues to generate future revenue. Competition can no longer be based only on the difference in the cost of your service, now what makes the difference between one real estate agent and another is the quality of the experience that is experienced by the customer.

A real estate agent, despite having competitive prices, will not be able to survive in the long term in his work (in-depth analysis on the topic “How to survive in the real estate market for a long time “) if he is not able to provide a customer experience that differentiates him from other agents. To succeed, the agent must direct all his efforts towards customer satisfaction, considering his needs, needs and desires. The real estate agency, therefore, must be proactive in managing the client, that is, it must avoid generating inconsistencies between the client’s expectations and satisfaction. So as to enhance the positive interactions that are established between customer and agent, then cultivating them over time. 

The customer experience in real estate

Unlike many other sectors, in real estate customer satisfaction depends solely on you agents, therefore the management and care of the customer experience must be among the main communication objectives of a real estate agent, even before the provision of the service.

Positive customer experiences are the passport for the creation of trusting relationships between the real estate agent and client: these are the ones that would ensure the development of more solid relationships or the foundations for starting up-selling and cross-selling activities. , guaranteeing your economic growth and that of your agency.

The consumer experience depends, as already mentioned, on the qualities of you real estate agents, for this reason, it is essential to get to know the customer better, collecting all the useful information to personalize and make his experience unique.

For this purpose, it is essential to know through which tool a customer prefers to activate communication, whether it is via social media, by telephone or face to face. Based on these aspects, you must adapt your direct marketing strategies accordingly.

Segment, contact and keep

After this brief excursus on how important it is to focus on the customer experience, let’s now come to the core of our article, and that is how to generate a customer experience that makes the customer remember you. To succeed in this difficult task, it is first of all necessary to collect the data of your customers to be able to steal the information that allows you to create a unique experience, made ad hoc for each customer. How to do it? Mainly through three activities:


As they say, don’t take a shit, customers aren’t all the same, so segment them based on demographics, their purchases, their age, gender, and other characteristics. This will help you to have a more complete and profound vision of their needs and will allow you to anticipate the trends present in the different groups, adapting your marketing and communication activities.

To contact

The communication activities must be made ad hoc, customized for each client according to the channel he prefers to use to start and maintain the relationship with the real estate agent; in addition, they must centre the interests of the customer, thereby generating considerable value.

To maintain

As we have mentioned before, it is necessary to have a long-term vision in the relationship with the customer, so invest in your reputation to improve the trust your customers have in you. Keeping a customer isn’t easy, particularly in an advertising jam-packed reality, where the one who activates the best marketing strategies is the one who gets the most customers. Therefore, be foresighted and activate various contact channels to re-enter the selective attention of customers.

A 360 ° view of the customer experience

Customer experience is all about the customer experience, from the moment you get in touch with us, to the moment they set foot in your agency, until the service has been rendered. Therefore there are different techniques, some more “material” than others, to make it unique.

Among these is the creation of “characters”, intended as fictitious people, invented to represent a group of customers who have characteristics in common. This allows you to better group your customers, to target those who will benefit most from your services, and to use communication efforts, time and budget on leads, based on the stage in which they are (looking for help, in means of service provision, service already provided).

Work on your personal branding, we told you so, but you can very well realize for yourself how “crowded” the world of social media is. Precisely for this reason, it is as difficult as it is effective to differentiate yourself from the crowd: define what differentiates you from other agents, and once defined, work on it until it becomes your strong point.

As we said earlier in the article “Do Immediate Responses Affect Real Estate Selling?” Response time matters. Do you want to lose a customer? Be slow in answering him! On social media, the response time must be minimized, precisely because of their instant messaging feature. A technique used by many is to spend an hour a day checking and replying to all messages received.

Your clients seek your help precisely because they are unable to do a certain thing, so be their teacher. Social media offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge in a free and potentially viral way, is there a question that many of your customers ask you often? Make a short post, an article for your blog or a short video tutorial in which you give the answer.

You’ve got in touch with the customer, you’ve provided them with your service, now you thank each other and say hello, right? Wrong! Remember that it is much more expensive to find a new customer than it is to keep one. Once you have rendered the service, keep in touch with your customers, for example through questionnaires in which you ask for advice and opinions on your work, and ask what they would have expected more from you.

Not all that glitters is gold

These are just some of the many techniques that can be applied to optimize the customer experience of your customers. It must be said, however, that this is not true for all customers, in fact, before committing to making a customer’s experience unique, be sure you want them as a customer. If you’re new to the industry, you’ll be tempted to work with every potential buyer and seller, but some of them could turn your workday into a nightmare.

In this regard, it is therefore important that each of you real estate agents ask 4 questions to your potential clients:

Are you working with another real estate agent?

Some of the real estate agents we consulted told us that some of their clients called them simply because the real estate agent they were in contact with hadn’t answered for a few hours.

Regardless of whether they signed something with the other agent or not, getting a customer who is already in contact with another agent is a bad idea. First of all, frictions could arise with the other real estate agent for having thus “snatched” the client, and in addition, you could run into problems of a legislative nature.

Do you have financial resources?

Asking your leads’ financial status is a great way to figure out if they really are potential customers or not. If they are among the potential buyers, ask if their mortgage application has already been accepted or not; if they are among potential sellers, find out how much their property can really be worth. But mind you, just because a potential customer has not yet been accepted the mortgage request, does not mean that he cannot be seriously interested in buying, and therefore you could give him some advice to better be able to get the desired financing.

Why did you decide to move now?

This question can provide a lot of insight into the client: on the one hand, some clients start looking for a real estate agent long before they can actually sell or buy a property, while others wait until the last minute. Asking why they have decided to seek an agent now will let you know how long you will have to wait before you can close a deal. Also, the clearer why your customers are looking for an agent, the easier it will be for you to close the deal.

What have your experiences been with other agents?

If your clients have had positive experiences with previous agents, you can expect more trust and confidence in you from them. Conversely, if they have been negative, it will be more difficult to gain their trust.
Precisely for this reason, this question allows you to learn from the mistakes that other real estate agents have made before you: if a client complains that their last agent’s communication activities were not satisfactory, you will know in which area to build a great relationship with him.


In the real estate sector, taking care of the customer experience is still a much-neglected activity. Precisely for this reason, if you are able to make the best use of the techniques we have talked about, you can make a real cultural change within your real estate agency, thus differentiating yourself from other real estate agents, and obtaining business opportunities. Very interesting thanks to the trust that your customers have cultivated in you.