Multichannel marketing strategy: how, when and why

Multichannel marketing strategy

Building your online presence over time, which in other words is the foundation for your real estate marketing strategy, is only the first step in a multi-channel and global marketing strategy. Once the website has been launched, it’s up to you to feed and grow your digital promotion brick by brick: this means creating an email marketing model, developing a stable presence on social networks, and finally diving into the world of advertising (online and offline. ).

Together, all these specific channels and techniques come together to form a single entity: a multi-channel marketing strategy that allows you to reach, inform and communicate with your audience and, over time, convert it into new business for your real estate agency. 

What exactly is a multichannel marketing strategy?

This brand promotion method involves using different touchpoints and online techniques to improve reaching a niche target. In the case of real estate agents like you, this means putting in place a marketing strategy that takes into account what is the basis of a solid online presence – your website.
Subsequently, it is necessary to start building your strategy starting precisely from this base, logically only once it has been optimized, for example through landing pages, after the publication of several blog posts, and with the constant updating of property lists on each page.

Once you have filled your website with many relevant details of your local market, and with the detail of your industry experience, you can enter the next phase of your multichannel marketing strategy, namely:

– Develop a well-organized lead management plan
–  Build an email marketing plan (preferably starting with automated campaigns for your different target segments)
– Expand the reach of your advertising through targeted advertising (e.g. pay-per-click ads with Google Ad Words)
– Increase your brand awareness on social media (organic and paid publications, and constant engagement with your audience)

There are, of course, a number of other marketing techniques that you can use to generate and engage your leads, such as posting content on local blogs in order to leverage personal relationships. At the end of the day however, we can confidently say that the techniques described above are the ones that guarantee the highest chances of having a successful multichannel marketing strategy.

Is this multi-channel marketing strategy good for everyone?

There are very few agencies (or perhaps none) for which a multi-channel marketing strategy would not work. We are confident that using only one or two channels and marketing activities is not enough for most agencies. A multichannel marketing strategy is a must to thrive in today’s economic situation, especially for real estate agents – many of those we have helped make the almost complete transition to digital promotion as their primary lead generation and lead conversion tool. In customers.

How do you know if the multichannel marketing strategy is effective?

Measure! Just as you have (hopefully) done with your current real estate marketing strategy, it is vital to track your website, email campaigns and social media metrics to ensure your messages and engagement across channels help drive your leads of contacts and, finally, turn them into real business opportunities. In particular, it is necessary:

– Log into your Google Analytics account to monitor essential metrics including website traffic, user sessions, time on a page
– Use the platform to also check who is clicking in your emails and posts on social networks, to reach your real estate website
– Find a real estate CRM (in other words, contact management software), which allows you to monitor lead activity and employ engagement tactics

Once your businesses are up and running, you will surely be able to master the art of multichannel marketing and, on top of that, you will find it substantially easier to track the success of your marketing activities and make the necessary changes to bring your real estate marketing to the next level. Next Level.

In the event that this does not happen (very difficult, but it could happen), you may feel the need to resort to a marketing agency to help you achieve the set goal. There are several reasons you may feel or need this, including:

> Insecurity about how to improve your marketing

You are an experienced real estate agent, not an online marketing guru. While you can learn a lot about SEO, content marketing, or other ways to drive traffic and leads to your website, digital marketing is still an area that is not your responsibility.

This is our advice: even if you like to take care of managing your multichannel marketing strategy, to take it to the next level, you need a tutor. If you have the option of hiring an expert, whether as an external consultant or full-time within your real estate agency team, hiring highly qualified staff may be the right move.

> The need to accelerate the growth of your business

If you are already earning a return equal to or greater than what you want, you are at a high point in your career. Now you have to decide whether to further increase this revenue and grow your agency, or keep it at its current level.

If you decide to grow, you will need more “manpower”. What has brought you to the level you are at-will hardly take you even higher, for that, you will need new processes, new ways of thinking and new skills to reach the next level.

When growth is the goal, you need assistance. If you’re ready to grow, it’s time to hire someone who can take you to the ultimate level.

> The lack of time to devote to marketing

We believe it is essential to obtain some time to devote to the management of marketing activities, but unfortunately, not everyone succeeds precisely because they are too busy. The lack of time, energy and human resources to devote to marketing is a great reason to outsource the management activities of your multichannel marketing strategy.

> Insecurity about the next steps to take

Even professionals who are very good at their craft get to the point where they aren’t sure what to do to move their business forward. If you reach the point where it is difficult to identify effective means to improve your lead generation and customer conversion rate, it is time to find someone who can help you.

> The stalemate or the difficulty of growing your business

We have often felt like dentists: agents ask us for help only when they have a problem. If your growth is not progressing well and you don’t know why you should seek help from an expert to help you understand what the reason is and then put in place a strategy to help your business get back on track.


It is now known how marketing is fundamental for the success of the strategies of a real estate agency, and planning a multi-channel marketing strategy can be the gateway to constant and lasting growth, as long as this is planned in the right way.