, virtual visits for real estate agencies

virtual visits for real estate agencies

Digital technology has now forcefully entered the real estate sector. There are many technological innovations that are emerging at the service of Real Estate professionals, but the latest and most appreciated frontier in this sense is represented by virtual visits.

This tool allows the real estate agent to show a property to his client in a few simple clicks, quickly and effectively. Thanks to the possibility of carrying out 360 ° tours, in fact, effectiveness equal to the “live” visit of the property is obtained, however saving a lot of time both for the real estate agent and the potential buyer, who will no longer have to spend precious time to go to an infinite series of houses, which may not even correspond to his interest.

True, we have already talked about virtual tours in previous articles, and this is because we intend to underline the importance of a technology that is now spreading quite widely and incisively in the real estate market and not. We, therefore, decided to interview Edoardo Ribichesu, founder of, one of the major real estate startups, who also successfully participated in the 2016 Real Estate Awards. The goal of this promising startup is precise to give them to real estate professionals to carry out virtual visits in an autonomous and efficient way.

Edoardo, first of all thank you for accepting our invitation. Tell us immediately where the idea of ​​creating was born. was born from my direct experience as a client of the real estate market. When I was looking for a new home, I was able to see how much time was wasted in visiting properties far from the search criteria I had set. At that time in our software development company, we had recently successfully completed some beautiful digital projects involving 360 ° photography and virtual reality. From these experiences, we have tried to imagine a solution that would make the most of this type of content in order to optimize the search and evaluation process of a property. So we started working on a platform for the autonomous creation of high-quality virtual visits, which in December 2015 became Srl

How many people is your team currently composed of?

The team is made up of eight people, including the founders and some external collaborators, divided between the Turin and Madrid offices. In addition, in recent weeks we are inserting a new resource for the customer care activity.

What are the objectives and main benefits of for the real estate sector?’s main objective is to save time for those looking for a house and for those in charge of selling it, putting both in the condition of making a first selection of the properties to visit thanks to a highly effective, extremely realistic, immersive virtual visit. And easy to explore. The agencies that have chosen in recent months have made us understand the real added value of our service, telling us about their direct experiences. For example, one of the main benefits that emerged concerns the acquisition phase, in which the agent who uses immediately transmits a sense of innovation and care for the assignment he will manage... In the phase of proposing the property, the benefits are many, several customers have reported to us the ease with which they are now able to manage tasks away from their agency, concentrating their time and that of their customers on already highly qualified visits. Collaboration between agents also benefits from the availability of virtual visits, allowing a very quick evaluation and a more effective proposition. Finally, the simplicity of implementation and the extremely low cost have finally cleared the virtual visits for rent, an area that has been completely discovered by this service until now.

VTs and augmented reality have been part of the Real Estate ecosystem for some years now. So how does your service differ from other startups operating in the sector?

Exactly, virtual tours have existed in this sector for many years, but is the first service that makes the real estate agent completely autonomous in the creation and sharing of what we call “virtual visits”. In about 15 minutes, the agent can create and put online a virtual tour of the property he intends to promote, deciding whether to share it with a single potential customer or with all the visitors of the ad, starting to immediately collect feedback on their real interest in the property.
In addition, with the Remote Virtual Visit, allows the agent to remotely drive the virtual visit of his client as if he were next to him, an absolute novelty for the sector.

Your strengths?

I would put in the first place the total autonomy that provides to the real estate agent, combined with the extreme simplicity of use. Added to these are the decidedly low cost and the infinite options for sharing virtual visits.

What is your main challenge in the near future?

The market approach to our product in these first months has been excellent, but all our efforts are focused on transmitting to professionals in the sector the importance of virtual visits in the promotion of properties. In a very short time, anyone who starts the search for purchase or lease will expect to have a virtual visit available: our task at the moment is to quickly approach the real estate agents enabled with this new tool.

Have you already thought about how you can succeed in this goal?

The advent of 360 ° technology and the consequent demand from the public will do much of the work.
In a period of strong disintermediation, offers its service exclusively to professionals in the sector and allows the latter to offer its customers a high value-added service, which sets them apart in the midst of the enormous amount of noise present in the network. . Any private individual is able to assemble a video with the slide show of some photos of the property and upload it to YouTube, but only a real estate agent can create a photo-realistic virtual tour like the one offered by our service.

How do you want to position yourself in the real estate sector? We know that a process of internationalization by is also underway, tell us something more.

In absolute terms, we want to make the search for properties easier by becoming the new industry standard. The virtual visits will become the normal “first visit”, eliminating from this phase any potential problem or waste of time of the parties involved. We have been active in the Italian market for about 6 months and since June we have also opened to the Spanish one, which we see to be very receptive. The goal is to include among our customers all the “virtuous” companies and professionals who wish to provide their customers with concrete added value in the property search phase.

Let’s talk about reputation management. How do you think that the web reputation of a real estate agent can be influenced by the use of cutting-edge technology such as that 360 tours?

Equipping yourself with this new tool means focusing on transparency and dedication to the customer, properties that emerge in the two main phases of the work:

  • During the acquisition phase, an agent who uses the best technologies available to promote their positions will be able to distinguish themselves from their competition.
  • In the sales phase, an agent who demonstrates to the customer that he cares about his time and who is committed to providing him with all the tools necessary to use it to the fullest will have less difficulty in demonstrating the value of his assignment.

For your part, how do you manage your web reputation and what is the role of social networks in the daily life of

First, we analyzed the most suitable tools for our online proposition in Italy and Spain and we started to structure an online communication plan that would allow us to quickly position our brand and our service. We are only at the beginning, but it is clear to us that actions and investments for online communication must do the same with correct supervision of events in the area and of the sector channels. as well as obviously with perfect management of the relationship with the customer. We strongly believe that our customers are our greatest asset, and the fact that they are satisfied with our product is a strong source of pride. Our web reputation is in effect “in the hands” of our customers, our task is to always make them proud to talk about our service.

We close with a provocation, forgive us Edoardo: are you thinking of other areas of application for the technology on which is based, even outside the real estate sector?

Absolutely not. As anticipated in the previous points, differs from its competition precisely because of its specificity in the real estate sector. Being a tool dedicated to this sector has allowed us to shape our product on the specific needs of professionals without becoming “generalists” of 360. Our product must help the real estate agent to work even better and must help him to make his own happiness.