The precautions to be taken for a villa holiday

precautions to be taken for a villa holiday

Do you want to spend your holidays in peace and away from the chaos, perhaps in an exclusive location? Renting a villa for a short period of time is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you, to enjoy a memorable, relaxing and truly rejuvenating stay.

In this article, we show you the main advantages of renting a villa to visit a splendid Italian city of art, with the beach just a few steps away or full of mountain paths for healthy walks, at the lake or in the countryside, and enjoy all the comfort that only a private home can guarantee you.

The advantages of renting a villa to spend your holidays

Have you ever thought of spending an Italian holiday staying in a fantastic villa?

Why a villa? Living a stay in a private home has countless advantages. In fact, in addition to being a welcoming and comfortable solution, it is much cheaper than hotel accommodation.

First of all:

  • You won’t have to share your spaces with anyone other than your family and guests
  • You will not have to wait at the reception for check-in and check-out
  • You won’t be forced to have breakfast or lunch with strangers
  • You will not be woken in the early morning by the constant bustle of people in the corridors

In short, by choosing a villa you can enjoy absolute privacy, all the comforts and small luxuries you need, without having to account for others.

But let’s focus on the main factors you will need to consider when choosing the ideal home for your Italian vacation.

Stay in the villa: 6 factors to consider

Do you want to spend your holidays in a charming terraced house, in a majestic villa or in a semi-detached house?

The choice is wide: but it all depends on your needs. Below, we illustrate what are the factors to consider when choosing the home of your dreams, where you will have to feel at home throughout your stay.

In particular:

  1. Reviews and references
  2. Type of housing unit
  3. Neighbours
  4. Included and extra services
  5. Indoor: bedrooms, kitchen and service areas
  6. Outdoor: swimming pool, gym and spa

Let’s proceed step by step.

1. Reviews and references

Nowadays we have everything at our fingertips: apps, websites, specialized magazines, etc … Before choosing the villa for your holidays, we recommend that you carefully check all the information and reviews available regarding the house you are interested in. . . .

Owners and managers are particularly concerned with the well-being and satisfaction of their customers, which is why they often worry about updating their competitive offer by updating their website. Check the review dates of the last guests who stayed there.

Tip: Don’t be put off by negative comments, as every experience is subjective. In case you can ask the owner questions and ask for explanations for information. Do not be shy, it is your right to know every detail in order to rent for a shorter or longer period, according to your needs and availability, the villa that suits you best.

Do not rely solely and exclusively on the photos on the site, as they may be dated or simply indicative. For this reason, the second step is necessary: ​​ask for information about the type of housing unit.

2. Type of housing unit

Is it an isolated villa in the countryside, a terraced house, semi-detached and therefore composed of communicating apartments? Ask the owner anything you see fit. This is the house where you will spend your holidays and everything must be perfect.

Your choice must be made on the basis of your needs: are you as a couple, in the company of a large family and/or other guests? This is essential to understand what requirements the house you are going to choose must-have.

3. Neighbours

Do you want total privacy? Well: inquire about the neighbours. If it is a villa in the open countryside, in all likelihood the problem does not exist.

But if you opt for a terraced house or a semi-detached house with an apartment already occupied, you will be interested in knowing more about their habits. This is also an important question you should ask the property manager.

4. Included and extra services

Find out which services are included in the stay. In case of emergency, breakdowns or unforeseen events, who can you contact? Personnel in charge or the owner directly?

Generally, newly built/refurbished villas are supervised by an on-site caretaker, who will be at your complete disposal 24/7.

He/they may be your main point of contact in case of problems or emergencies, but it’s always best to make sure.

Also ask if there is the possibility to take advantage of some extra services: small luxuries that you will generally have to pay separately, as they are not included in the rental price, such as:

    • Means of transport (bicycles, scooters, cars, drivers, etc.)
    • Chef, waiters and kitchen staff
    • Swimming pool and relaxation area (spa, beautician, sauna, Turkish bath, wellness area)

5. indoor: bedrooms, kitchen and service areas

Master bedroom

Comfort and relaxation in the first place. Make sure the master bedroom has a comfortable and spacious double bed, with clean sheets and blankets and a sturdy frame. The ideal bedroom, in addition to being large and bright, should have at least:

  • Two armchairs
  • A chest
  • A shoe cabinet
  • Large wardrobe or walk-in closet
  • Television
  • Well distributed lighting
  • Desk
  • Mirrors and dressing table

Guest / child / teen room

Have you decided to spend your holidays with your family or do you want to bring guests with you? Then it is also necessary to take care of their well-being.

Do you have young children? Make sure there is a crib or cot that they can place in your bedroom or a small room/nursery where they can rest peacefully. It would then be best if the room were also equipped with a changing table and a small play area.

Are your children teenagers? Or did you bring guests/friends with you? In this case, it is important to give them the space they deserve to fully enjoy their privacy. They will need to have one or two rooms all to themselves, with the same characteristics as the master bedroom, perhaps in a reduced size.

Kitchen, appliances and dining room

The kitchen is the centre of the house. Vacation is synonymous with pure relaxation, but there are those who like to spend part of their time in the kitchen even during the holidays. 

Check that the kitchen is equipped with capacious wall units to store every object in its place and high-performance and high-quality appliances, such as:

  • High-efficiency refrigerator and freezer
  • Oven and microwave oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Cooking tools (electric whisk, mixer, blender, toaster, utensils, etc.)

Also: is the dining room attached to the kitchen, as an open space, or is it in another room? This factor, in the end, does not matter.

What is really important is that the area is spacious and that it is equipped with an elegant and functional dining set, ideal for hosting each member of the family or group of people with whom you have decided to spend the holiday.

Bathrooms and laundry

How many bathrooms are there in the house? As they say: “three is the magic number”. In general, the ideal home should have two large bathrooms and a toilet (two in the sleeping area and one in the living area), equipped with a shower and/or bathtub, bidet and comfortable toilets.

In addition, it is important that the house has a laundry room equipped with a clothesline, large washing machines, dryer, iron and ironing board.

6. Outdoor: swimming pool, gym and spa


In the most exclusive villas, a splendid swimming pool is never missing. In the warm months, the swimming pool could be a panacea for your moments of relaxation, a real oasis of freshness when you decide to relax after a day of shopping or walking around the city.

Ask the owner for measurements and options of the pool: you should know if it can hold a certain number of people, if there is a small shower to cool off and if it is equipped with a hydro massage.

Gazebo, living area and dining area

The open countryside is the typical scenario of the most beautiful and majestic villas. This often implies the availability of surrounding land.

Ask the owner if, adjacent to the house, there is a gazebo or a pergola under which you can relax or have lunch outdoors. The living areas and outdoor dining areas are a physical and emotional extension of the home and give that extra touch of exclusivity to which it is difficult to say no.

Fitness and spa area

Who said you don’t train on vacation? Ask about the gym, spa and fitness area. In newly built homes it is almost impossible not to find at least one of these areas.

Generally, they are located in the basement or in a separate structure a few meters from the house. A luxury option for those who love to keep fit and respect their routine even during the holidays.

Choose the villa of your dreams to visit a corner of Italy

During the holidays, the villa becomes your ideal home to all intents and purposes: a welcoming and soothing place that will give you unique emotions, which you can only appreciate with your loved ones.

Here you will feel exactly like at home. Your privacy will only be yours and that of your family/guests, you will be assisted by personnel selected and in charge of your every need and type of service requested by you.