Video Live 360 ​​and Live Audio for real estate agencies

Video Live 360 ​​and Live Audio for real estate agencies

You will have noticed, reading our blog, how augmented reality, virtual tours, 360 ° videos, live videos, are technologies we particularly care about, as we believe they can really make a difference within the services. offered to the client by a modern real estate agency. Furthermore, it is not even necessary to point out how social media are gradually introducing and integrating the tools mentioned in their offer since this process is there for all to see. Today we will tell you about Live 360 ​​Video and Live Audio on Facebook.

In fact, with this article, we want to offer you an overview of the new video and audio technologies within social networks and social media, even more so for the fact that the king of social media, in December, introduced two new tools of this kind among those already in use. 

Facebook’s “Live” innovations

Facebook announced on December 12 that it had adopted Video Live 360 ​​as a new resource for its users’ live broadcasts, and it increased the dose of innovation by announcing Live Audio on December 20. An early Christmas gift for all users of social blue but, let us say, a huge gift in this case for all real estate agents, who will be able to try their hand at ultra-immersive live videos within the properties for sale to be offered to Internet users listening, as well as live webinars and podcasts at the service of their customers and colleagues.

These two new tools, which will be available on Facebook in a few months, are added to those already present and significantly improve them: you will all know of the possibility – already introduced for some time – of being able to make Live Videos on the Zuckerberg social network. Yes, we know that you know it, and in fact, we have found with great pleasure that many real estate agents are using this tool routinely during their Open Houses or simply making direct for the presentation of the properties in their portfolio.

It goes without saying that, with the right equipment available, now live broadcasts can become a truly “disruptive” technology, capable of offering potential customers tuned in an immersive and complete experience, just as if they were themselves shooting the video inside the property presented.

Facebook and Instagram applied to real estate

Again with regard to Facebook, this is the social network that in Italy has the largest number of registered and usually connected users. Therefore we invite you, in order to have a 360 ° view – since we are on the subject! – and make the most of this social network to also have an economic return within your business, read our article on the best techniques applicable to Real Estate to excel in the use of Facebook: we are talking about Facebook real estate.

Staying on the subject of real estate social media marketing and in this case also of Mark Zuckerberg, another important innovation introduced a few months ago concerns Instagram, a social network purchased in April 2012 by Facebook. In fact, in the summer, the so-called ” Instagram Stories ” became part of the social visual, or content – photographs or videos made strictly live – which have a duration limited to 24 hours, within which their followers can view them and after which will be lost.

This tool, born as a challenge and alternative to Snapchat, has also created an opportunity for real estate operators to keep their customers glued to the social channel of their real estate agency, as customers potentially interested in a property in a certain city or zone would never want to miss out on an exclusive content that has such a limited duration.

For this reason, Instagram Stories are able to create a very high expectation of new content in followers, which will project them repeatedly within the social network in order to check your new publications, or rather new “stories” to be discovered. Moreover, this interesting tool also offers you the possibility to make yourself more visible to your followers, since all the stories are placed at the top of the timeline, and are therefore the first thing the user sees as soon as he opens the Instagram app.

Therefore, if you are a real estate agent, you will have already understood what advantages can be hidden behind the use of a tool that apparently would seem to play against the professional: the short duration of the contents is far from a disadvantage, it is vice versa of a very powerful magnet to your Instagram channel!

Also, in this case, we have a guide article completely dedicated to the use of what is considered the social of the moment verticalized in the Real Estate field: here you can find all the best real estate Instagram strategies.

Live 360 ​​video

But now we come to the innovations we mentioned previously, made only a few days ago within Facebook. If Live Video on Facebook provides people with an immediate, authentic window into what is happening in the world the moment they are watching it, Live Video 360 immerses viewers in their own right in the middle of the scene, allowing them to explore. alone and experience a new environment. Live 360 ​​is able to transport users into new experiences and in real-time.

The first 360 ° video launched live on Facebook in order to present the new feature of the Live 360 ​​Video to the world, was the one that appeared on December 13 on the National Geographic page, taken from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah, United States.

It will be possible to make the first direct Live 360 ​​video in the coming months, as soon as the technology is extensively tested by Facebook engineers. So, dear real estate agent, be ready to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment and select the properties from which to make the videos to be the early-user pioneer of this new tool!

Live Audio

Zuckerberg & Co. are always looking for ways to improve the “live” experience of users on Facebook, and that is why after the one of Video Live 360, after just 8 days, the one of Live Audio has also arrived.

The most skeptical may object that activating direct audio, when it is possible to take advantage of direct video or even 360 ° video, is completely superfluous. The Facebook staff motivated the choice with some feedback collected. Sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words, and not with a video, for example, there are many pages that have found creative ways to “go live” and reach the public with the use of audio-only, using Live Video but with the addition of a still image to accompany their audio transmission. Thus, the new Live Audio option makes it easy to do your own streams with audio when this is the broadcaster’s preferred format.

Another reason is that publishers sometimes want to do live video from areas where there is no strong network connectivity: Live Audio presents an option to connect with the audience in real-time from areas with low connectivity.

Also, people often like to listen to the audio while they are doing other things – so users using Android devices will be able to continue listening to a live audio broadcast, even if they leave the Facebook app or lock their phones. Listeners who use iOS instead will be able to continue listening to live broadcasts as they browse quietly on Facebook.

Over the next few weeks, Facebook will do its first live audio tests with several partners, including BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins, and authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett. The release of the Live Audio is set for the first months of 2017.

Interaction with users

The innovations made by Facebook for the management of live broadcasts are already an excellent resource available to users and will continue to evolve and improve over time, thanks to the attention that the blue giant of Menlo Park is dedicating to these emerging technologies.

It is now up to the real estate agent to decide whether to exploit this new trend. But be careful, it is not enough to connect and make a nice live video, perhaps at 360 °, or a podcast in which some aspects of the local real estate market are explained live. Creating live video and audio gives rise to interactions on the part of users that must be continually solicited and cultivated.

Remember when we talked to you about how important immediate responses are in the real estate market? Also in this case the same concept applies, in fact, what we recommend is to encourage potential customers to tune in to comment and ask questions, so that you can answer them live.

Videos or podcasts made live will continue to be available on your Facebook page and thus be the subject of interest and any comments, to which you will have to take care to respond promptly so as not to lose the leads created. So space for Video Live 360 ​​and Live Audio, but it is always necessary to pay the utmost attention to customer requests, in particular, to “live” ones.