World Capital launches the new corporate Academy

corporate Academy

The modern entrepreneur is called upon every day to give the best of himself to achieve his business objectives, encouraging his employees and collaborators to do the same through various methodologies. Among these, it is becoming increasingly important to provide adequate training for every professional figure and role covered in the company, in order to juggle the intricate world of work in the best possible way.

In fact, training is certainly not a marginal activity for a company but is instead part of the set of business processes that help define the path suitable for achieving the predetermined results.

Various advantages are attributed to training today, such as the increase of skills, happiness, motivation and productivity of workers, the development of problem-solving skills, the encouragement of teamwork, the improvement of the company organization and communication skills, better management of crucial aspects such as changes, conflicts, and priorities.

There are many companies that have chosen to make training a driving force of their business, to the point of establishing a real training hub within the company: to remain in the real estate sector, today we have chosen to tell the story of World Capital, a well-known reality in the real estate environment, which has recently launched an internal Academy that takes the name of ” World Capital Academy”.

To get a complete and updated picture, we interviewed Andrea Faini and Federico di Lella, CEO and HR Business Partner of World Capital respectively.

Interview with Andrea Faini, CEO of World Capital

First of all, can you give us an overview of the current reality of World Capital, so as to better frame the ecosystem in which the new training hub will be inserted?

World Capital is an Italian real estate consultancy company with many years of experience, specialized in providing suitable services and solutions for individuals, companies, funds and institutions in the real estate field.

Thanks to a consolidated network of over 100 local consultants scattered between North and South, we operate throughout the national territory. Active in all real estate sectors, World Capital has 5 sector departments: Office, Industrial & Logistics, Retail, Capital Market, and Hotel & RSA.

Our mission is to satisfy every need of our client, which is why we offer a varied portfolio of services that includes various activities such as Advisory, Agency, Evaluation, Market Analysis and Building Rating.

What role has the Covid-19 pandemic played and will continue to play in the transformation of the real estate market?

The pandemic has upset every aspect of our life, both habits and behaviours. Focusing on the real estate market, after some physiological contractions encountered in the first months of the health emergency, the sector experienced different scenarios from sector to sector.

Retail and hospitality have certainly suffered the most, due to the absence of international tourism. On the contrary, the logistics and office assets have experienced a real rebirth: logistics have demonstrated its resilient spirit, acquiring greater value and attractiveness in the eyes of investors and developing towards the last mile, to cope with the growth of e-commerce.

In the offices, on the other hand, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of aspects such as quality and well-being, with a consequent review of the workspaces in the face of the use of smart working; a trend that will continue to persist in the coming months, revolutionizing the organizational model of companies.

We would like to have your opinion on the level of digitization of today’s real estate professionals: have there been steps forward in recent years to bridge the gap with European and American colleagues?

Surely the digital component now plays a very important role within the real estate consultancy business. The pandemic has also cleared customs and enhanced services such as virtual tours, digital floor plans and remote inspections, so as to allow individuals and companies to view the properties in complete safety.

Even in Italy, today technology is essential to facilitate real estate consultants in their tasks, allowing them to focus only on activities that exclusively require the human component.

For some years in World Capital thanks to the use of drones and specific equipment for the creation of 360 ° photos and videos we have decided to create real Virtual Tours of the properties, not only to meet the anti Covid regulations, but above all to facilitate the viewing of products even for customers who are unable to physically reach the property.

Interview with Federico di Lella, HR Business Partner of World Capital

Where does the need to create an internal company academy come from for the training of real estate consultants in the tertiary and commercial sectors? In other words, explain to us what is the problem you are going to intercept and solve with the launch of the World Capital Academy.

The idea of ​​creating an internal Academy stems from the lack of a training institution capable of fully educating a real estate consultant in the commercial service sector. Today the complexity of managing a negotiation that is an office, a logistic property, a hotel requires a lot of specialized skills.

We believe that every person in a company should have a goal of growth and development regardless of the level of seniority they occupy. Our idea is to guarantee training in both the technical and motivational fields, which is why we have also included an ICF (international coaching federation) certified business coach who takes the resource by hand and leads them to express their maximum potential.

What are the characteristics and skills that should be present in a professional figure as transversal as that of the real estate consultant?

Today’s real estate consultant must be very versatile. We must not limit ourselves to being a simple mediator between supply and demand, but rather aim to become a professional who does his utmost to meet the needs of his customers, providing tailored advice and constant support.

In addition to knowing the dynamics of the real estate market, today more than ever the real estate consultant should be equipped with empathy, able to interface with different subjects, to understand the needs of the parties and to find a compromise valid for everyone.

I am convinced that specific consulting skills, know-how and market knowledge are the main qualities of a professional in the real estate sector.

Secondly, a good modern real estate consultant who is always in step with the times must always invest in himself and his skills to feel satisfied with his work and continuously improve.

What does the training course foresee and, once completed, what are the new figures that will appear on the market?

The training course intends to deepen three fundamental skills which are: technical-urban planning, legal / fiscal and communication. The strategy of the World Capital Academy is to train professionals of excellence in the sectors in which we operate with a growth path that starts from junior profiles up to managerial positions.

For each sector e.g. Logistics & Industrial, Office, Hotel and Retail, we aim to guarantee high standards of specialization also to the support functions for pure commercial activity, such as research, marketing, and communication, digital, visual and all the new skills that will emerge in the sector, for constantly keeping up with market developments or even anticipating them.

What are the objectives and developments of the World Capital Academy in the medium and long term, as a natural continuation of the investments in professional training you are facing?

Our primary goal is to improve and guarantee our customers the highest standards in real estate brokerage and in the products and services we offer.

The World Capital Academy plays a fundamental role in this, thanks to targeted training courses and role-playing, both in the classroom and in the field, the goal is to guarantee top-level preparation and thus train professionals of excellence in the real sector. Summer.

At World Capital, we believe in the growth of resources based on a model of comparison and empowerment. From this year we have therefore set up a development system based on meritocracy, which through a performance review program allows us to constantly map skills and guarantees us to invest in talents.

The training model proposed by World Capital Academy fits into this context, which considers continuous learning as an enabling process, a tool to support the professional growth path of all employees.